Creativity Will Shift Us to Higher Consciousness and Heal Our World, Part 1

When most people think of creativity what comes to mind are people using exceptional abilities to make music, art, literature, and design or perhaps they think of great idea-people like inventors, scientists, or entrepreneurs. And it’s true–creativity, inspiration, and imagination drive these accomplishments and these people.

When Seth speaks of creativity, however, it has an even broader meaning. He is talking about our life-force, vitality–that very thing that gives us our being, our will to live, to act, and to know.

This primal creativity applies to all people, not just some specially gifted ones and, according to Seth, also applies to animals, plants, and even things. (We’ll get to that later)

This creative thrust that is behind everything in our world comes from All That Is. We’ve talked about this before but it bears repeating. All that is, in an act of love, released those mental creations to become actualized and gave them the same ability to create worlds that It had.

Consciousness, which is what All That Is really is, transformed Itself into the many facets of nature, all beings, and into every molecule, cell, atom, and particle.

The universe is the natural extension of divine creativity and intent, lovingly formed, from the inside out–so there was consciousness before there was matter, and not the other way around. (Dreams, ‘Evolution,’ and Value Fulfillment, Volume 1, Amber-Allen, 1986/1997, p. 156)

An important characteristic of consciousness, Seth says, is that it operates as both waves and particles. (Today, we know from quantum physics that this is the actual nature of reality. Learn more here:

Seth says that being part of All That Is in its wave-like manifestation means that on one level, absolutely everything is connected to everything else and is able to communicate with and be aware of everything else.

This ability is something that we have forgotten, even though, at one time, in our distant history ancient people used this ability. At the core of virtually every great religion is a mystical tradition which embraces the idea of unity; this idea of a connected whole is an essential element of the Perennial Philosophy–a philosophy that reemerges throughout history in different centuries and cultures. (Read a bit here:

In fact, Seth gave some interesting examples of this ability throughout his books. Here is one:

In those times, all species shared their dreams in a way that is now quite unconscious for your kind, so that in dreams man inquired of the animals also–long before he learned to follow the animal tracks, for example, where is there food or water? What is the lay of the land? Man explored the planet because his dreams told him that the land was there. (Dreams, ‘Evolution,’ and Value Fulfillment, Volume 1, p. 173)

So in this view nothing exists in isolation. Everything is connected.

Seth claims that our creative life force is so powerful and loving that it “seeks the finest fulfillment for even the smallest of its thoughts and all of its potentials are directed with a good intent that is literally beyond all imaginings.” (Dreams, ‘Evolution,’ and Value Fulfillment, Volume 1, p. 216.)

This Source power is unlimited and continual. In fact, Seth says it pulsates through all creation. (Although we can’t get into it today, just know that science has discovered that the universe blinks on and off constantly, but at a rate so rapid that everything seems solid. In reality, it is here for a blink and then gone for a blink.) Seth said the exact same thing over 40 years ago and he claimed that while a particle is “off” it is exploring other dimensions of reality and being renewed by that unlimited Source power. When the particle blinks back “on” in our physical world, we can then use that power to give our lives meaning and action.

So there are multiple levels or dimensions of reality. We are mostly only aware of one–physical reality. Seth calls the other dimensions the hidden, inner, or unknown realities.

Any creative work involves you in a cooperative process in which you learn to dip into these other streams of consciousness and come up with a perception that has far more dimensions than one arising from the one, narrow, usual stream of consciousness that you know. Great creativity then, is multi-dimensional . . . it appears almost as an intrusion. It takes the breath away. (Seth Speaks, Amber-Allen, 1972/1994, p. 92.)

Okay, so we have this magnificent creative ability to create our world. So how come it seems so messed up right now? If this life force is really a loving force, as Seth claims, then why are people killing each other, destroying the environment, abusing animals to make the processing of food more convenient, and so forth?

Seth uses a great analogy to explain. He says that we are all like writers and directors of a play. We create the story, the scenes, and even play the parts as the actors. Of course we put drama, comedy, horror, and romance into our stories. But what has happened is that at some point we got so involved in the action of the stories that we forgot we are also the writers, directors, and stage managers. We trapped ourselves in our own creations.

He goes a step further and even says that this is part of our purpose in this reality. Through all of the scenarios we create, we are meant to learn, make new choices, and then regain our power, only now with greater maturity, understanding, wisdom, and responsibility.

Way back in the 60s and 70s, Seth predicted that a shift in consciousness was coming. He said that our true purpose would be realized with another momentous explosion of subjective inspiration into objectivity. At the time, Rob–Jane’s husband–wondered whether this explosion would be one of ideas and knowledge. I think Rob was right and it is all happening now. In Part 2 we will discuss Seth’s predictions.




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