Creativity Will Shift Us to Higher Consciousness and Heal Our World, Part 2

Seth predicted that in the Unites States, for example, there would be a new transparency that would expose all of our structures and policies, revealing both greed and good intent. He said things would have to change in a financial way to repair great inequalities. In addition, Seth said that fanaticism and its results would be out in the open, as we’d have to admit is happening in today’s politics. All of these predictions have come true in our own time. Through the Internet, as well as through social media, greater transparency is thrust onto governments, businesses, and other organizations. These same technologies make communication instantaneous so that word can get out before “spin” can be applied.

Seth predicted that there would be grass-roots organizations springing up to make sure that “life has meaning” and that these groups represented the “beginnings of new journeys quite as important to the species an any sea voyage ever was as man searched for new lands.” (Dreams, ‘Evolution,’ and Value Fulfillment, Volume 2, Amber-Allen, 1986/1997, pp. 346-347.) I see in this prediction reference to groups like the Occupy Movement, Black Lives Matter Movement, and LGBT activism, to name a few.

Surprisingly, Seth even said that we would experience great planetary changes and extreme weather events, all of which are happening now.

There was for humankind, according to Seth, a strong probability that we would weather the storms of disruptions, chaos, and unpredictability that would come with the new transparency and we would create a vastly better world when it was over.

How exactly is this supposed to happen? Seth says it will happen through a leap in consciousness. As I said before, he claims that humans have latent abilities that will re-emerge, that will make humanity so different as to be almost unrecognizable as the same species. And he said that changes in consciousness were accelerating. Think of the leap in consciousness between cavemen and current humans–only now think of it happening quickly rather than over thousands of years.

Seth called this new adaptation “Probable Man.” What will make Probable Man so special and different is the ability to combine intellect with imagination (or creativity, if you will). He or she will be able to consciously create reality using wisdom and discrimination, which will come from adeptness at traveling inner reality.

Before this happens, however, the breakdown of all the false structures and erroneous beliefs that we have relied upon until now will have to be completed.

You may need some time before the old beliefs become less prominent and finally fall into their proper decay . . . But the inner natural leanings of all consciousness . . . now yearn for constructive change, clearer vision, to experience again their inherent sense of corporal spirituality, physical and psychic grace. They want to sense again the effortless motion that is their natural birthright. (Dreams, ‘Evolution,’ and Value Fulfillment, p. 537)

Great creativity is bubbling just under the unrest, violence, fear, and confusion. What then can we as individuals do to assure this probability? Seth says we must broaden our concept of self and draw on true human potential, to “explore the dimensions of selfhood and go beyond the small areas of himself, in which he has thus far found shelter.” (The ‘Unknown Reality,’ Volume 1, Amber-Allen, 1977/1996, p. 62)

Fortunately, Seth argued that ego consciousness is now at a stage where it can accept greater amounts of data, which is a prerequisite for this shift in consciousness. At first I wondered what that meant. But after some reflection, I can see that the change is already well underway. Look at the millennial generation. They are already handling and assimilating information from so many sources all at once. Where older folks learned about things from firsthand experience, the local news or network television, today there are myriad sources of instantaneous information, not to mention social memes flowing at all times like great waves through societies. People have access to knowledge and information through Google and other search engines, through GPS data, interactive maps, real-time surveys, and lots of social platforms. The latest thing is “augmented reality” like that used by the Pokémon Go app.

I’ve read books and articles about the neurological and physical changes that technology is bringing to the species. some researchers have suggested that the modern “brain” exists as much outside of the body as within, via myriad connected networks.

It’s hard to believe, but in 1973 Seth said:

The mind can do far better than any computer. If it believed this, then certain portions of the brain would be activated. The brain would become aware of more of the mind’s knowledge, and the probabilities of future events would be made consciously available (my emphasis). (The Nature of Personal Reality, Amber-Allen, 1974/1994, p. 424)

Seth says that Probable Man will know how to accept unconscious intuitions and knowledge, and to organize these deeply creative principles into cultural patterns.

This would represent a great leap for the egotistically aware individual would fully comprehend unconscious knowledge and act on his own, out of choice. He would become a conscious co-creator. (The Unknown Reality, Volume 1, p. 100)

What Seth is referring to as greater abilities may seem vague, but he said something that made it clearer to me. It was that we will still feel like ourselves when this neurological change happens, but we will also feel like a broader self at the same time. It would be like becoming aware of yourself as a writer, while remaining aware of yourself as a person. In other words, selves are born out of selves and while they each operate at different levels, all of them make up the total self.

How does a person develop these new abilities to ride the levels of reality? Throughout the Seth material Seth says we can use what he calls “psy time” (meditation), altered states of consciousness such as hypnotic states or out-of-body states. But most importantly, the dream state, he says, holds the key to expansion of consciousness. Dreams are a huge topic of study in the Seth material and will be covered in several upcoming posts.

Fundamentally, Seth says we must develop ourselves individually, but that our collective goals as a species coincide with individual goals. All of us take part in creating the future. We can do so unconsciously and get more of what we’ve got. Or we can become conscious of our part in reality creation and achieve something better.

When man realizes that he himself creates his personal and universal environment in concrete terms, then he can begin to create private and universal environments much superior to the one that is the result of haphazard and unenlightened construction.

This is our main message to the world, and this is the next line in man’s conceptual development. (The ‘Unknown Reality,” Volume 2, p. 514)


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