Cooperation Beats Competition, Pun Intended: Seth Explains Why–Part 2

You will remember from previous posts or from reading the Seth material yourself, that a nonphysical, hidden reality preceded physical reality. Every possibility or probability that could ever exist was thought of all at once by All That Is and became “Divine Fact” in a different framework–one that is completely mental, not physical.

Before anything that is part of our physical world becomes physical, Seth says, it passes through various stages. The most important thing to know about these stages is that what propels them into being is consciousness. Everything is made up of consciousness.

Consciousness is the agent that directs the transformation of energy into form and of form into energy. (Dreams, ‘Evolution,’ and Value Fulfillment, Volume 1, Amber-Allen, 1986/1997, p. 137)

Seth describes consciousness units or CUs as the “building blocks” of matter. Fifty years ago we were all taught that the atom was the smallest building block of matter. Today, most physicists think of some yet undiscovered sub-atomic particle as the smallest building block of matter. Seth claims that ultimately humanity will realize that consciousness units are what they have been searching for.  You can read a bit here about the physicists who have already come around to this idea:

Seth says that CUs act as both particle and wave at different times. When CUs act like particles, they experience their reality from the center of those forms, they focus on unique specifications, and they become individual. When they act like waves they do not set up boundaries for themselves and they can be in more than one place at a time. Think of a vast ocean in relation to a drop of ocean water to get an impression of this concept. And Seth says that CUs act as both particle and wave (or matter and force) all the time. So literally everything in our reality, even space, is made up of consciousness and results from consciousness.

Metaphysically, they [CUs] can be thought of as the point at which All That Is acts to form [your] world–the immediate contact of a never-ending creative inspiration, coming into mental focus . . . the CUs represent the spectacular foundations of the world in value fulfillment, for each unit of consciousness is related to each other, a part of the other, each participating in the entire gestalt of mortal experience. (Dreams, ‘Evolution,’ and Value Fulfillment, Volume 1, p. 170)

This word, “gestalt” is one that Seth uses frequently. A gestalt is a unified whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Seth says that CUs all have a propensity for exploring possibilities and they form into units of all sizes based on the qualities that are significant to them.

Certain units would settle upon various kinds of organization, find these significant, then build upon them and attract others of the same nature. So were various systems of reality formed. The particular kind of significance settled upon would act both as a directive for experience and as a method of erecting effective boundaries . . . The units can and do intermix, yet because of the propensity for selectivity and significance, whole groups of them will ‘repel’ other whole groups, thus providing a protective inner system of interaction. (The Unknown Reality, Volume 1, Amber-Allen, 1977/1996, p. 48)

Because of the wave-like aspect of CUs, each individual unit possesses information about the whole. In this way, everything is connected. If you want to think of All That Is as God, as many do, then imagine that God has set this process in motion. Of course, everything would work together and not be at odds with each other. This, again, is what Value Fulfillment is all about. There is a loving intent that created our world and it is ongoing. All CUs, and therefore everything in our universe, seeks to enhance the quality of life for itself and every other species. The value fulfillment of the individual and the species go hand in hand.

Seth says, that it is only because of our mistaken beliefs, most of them instigated by religion or science at various times, that we fail to recognize the cooperative nature of our world. (We will get to this in Part 3 of this series.)

You have closed your minds to man’s own cooperative nature, to his innate desire for fellowship, his natural bent for taking care of others, and for altruistic behavior. (Dreams, ‘Evolution,’ and Value Fulfillment, Volume 1, p. 216)

So what is the specific process by which CUs turn into reality as we know it? This is a difficult part of the material; it took me years  to feel remotely confident that I understood it. In a nutshell, Seth says that CUs exist in an infinite field of all the probabilities that could ever be. Some probabilities are more likely than others because of the propensities or inclinations that I mentioned before. Every particle is perfectly poised amidst an infinite sea of probabilities and has information about both “past” and “future” probabilities, as we would think of them.

What turns out to be a specific moment or a specific thing in our reality is the result of a CU or gestalt of CUs directing its energy into a particular outcome. In other words, they take into account all significant probabilities and when the intensity or emotion to be one particular thing is strong enough, it chooses and directs energy into that particular outcome.

CUs, which normally move at speeds faster than the speed of light, slow down once directed towards physicality. They turn into what Seth calls electromagnetic energy units or EEs. These EEs represent the “stage of emergence that activates the CUs.” (The Unknown Reality, Volume 1, p. 98) Whereas CUs are still mental in nature, EEs are closer to physical form.

These EE units also operate as fields, as waves, or as particles . . .but in your terms they are closer to physical orientation. Their die is cast, so to speak: They have already begun the special kind of screening process necessary that will bring about physical form. They begin to deal with the kinds of information that will help form your world. There are literally numberless steps taken before EE units combine in their own fashion to form the most microscopic physical particles, and even here the greatest, gentlest sorting-out process takes place as these units disentangle themselves at certain operational levels from their own greater fields of ‘information,’ to specialize in the various elements that will allow for the production of atoms and molecules impeccably suited to your kind of world. (Dreams, ‘Evolution,’ and Value Fulfillment, Volume 1, p. 257)

So, with that brief description of CUs and EEs, we can now look at how human beings came into being and how we evolved. It is an unusual and interesting story, unlike any other I have heard  either from religion or science. And once you hear it, you will see how humans went from understanding their inherent cooperative nature to thinking themselves in competition with each other and with nature. We will discuss all of this in Part 3 of this series.





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