Hello, my name is Joyce Kilmartin. Since you have found this blog, it is safe to assume that you have an interest in the Seth material by Jane Roberts. Therefore, I won’t spend time explaining who Seth is. If by some chance you  have arrived here “mistakenly,” I suggest that there really are no mistakes and perhaps you might want to investigate the Seth material. A good place to start is by reading “The Seth Material” or “Seth Speaks” or “The Nature of Personal Reality,” all by Jane Roberts, with notes by Robert F. Butts.

This blog is for people who are interested in Seth’s ideas and teachings and who are attempting to use them in their lives and to help understand their world. I include myself in that group. It does not matter whether you are new to the material or a long-time student or practitioner. I hope all will join in.

My purpose is to make this blog a vehicle for ongoing learning and to make my own contributions, as well. By way of background, I first came in contact with the Seth material in the mid-1980s. At that time, I was totally unaware of what it meant to have an inner life; the only experience I could relate to came from what I could experience with my outer senses. I was fully engrossed in my career and my young family. However, a sense of discontent had crept into my awareness–a feeling that I was spinning my wheels for rewards that were not very rewarding. Even so, I went several more years before I did anything about it.

Needless to say, I developed physical illness because of the way I was living that came in the form of persistent headaches. I was scared enough, when the conventional doctors could not help me, to seek alternative measures. Lucky for me, I stumbled upon meditation for stress reduction. It did help–and quickly. But soon my meditation time became much more important. It changed the quality of my day and my life and opened me up so that I wanted to go deeper into the inner world and the nature of reality.

So I began hungrily delving into philosophy, religion, and other cultures and belief systems. Along the journey, I came upon “The Nature of Personal Reality,” the first Seth book I ever read.

Something in this material resonated deeply with me. It made sense on more than just a rational level. The fact that it was channeled seemed weird to me at the time, but the content was so impressive, I had to keep going.

Over time, I found that my entire worldview had shifted to be in line with Seth’s. It works for me. This does not mean that I have no problems or that I am always conscious in the way that Seth advises. But I try, and I am usually able to stand outside myself as a witness when I run into a problem and catch myself in the act. I can see how I create my own reality, both good and bad. I try to enable value-fulfillment in myself and others. Through Seth’s explanations of mass events and conscious co-creation, I am better able to understand and deal with the world around me. I have also trained myself to believe in my good health and safety, and I can readjust quickly when my beliefs waver and problems occur.

Although I go back to all the Seth material repeatedly, that has not prevented extensive forays into other sources of knowledge and wisdom. I have explored religion, quantum physics, neuroscience, transpersonal psychology, dream work, mysticism, alchemy and sacred geometry, and several of the world’s wisdom traditions.

In the early years of this journey I often felt isolated. Here was this amazing body of work and there was practically no one to discuss it with. I very selectively mentioned the Seth books to some friends and acquaintances, but none of them responded to it like I had, so I did not push it.

The younger generation of Seth readers is fortunate to have started out with the Web, social media, forums, blogs, and so forth so that they can connect with others who are moved by Seth’s teachings. These are all great opportunities to accelerate learning.

I hope that those who find their way to this blog will share what they are learning and say how they are working with the material. I will regularly post on my own experiences with the material and comment on current events in light of Seth’s remarks. And, whenever I see a tie-in with the Seth material, I will report on other teachers, theories, ideas, courses, etc. that may be able to enrich the conversation.

Welcome to the discussion and thank you for sharing.



Work and Education

Joyce is a retired business executive with an M.B.A. and twenty years of experience in marketing, research, and strategic planning. She worked in the corporate world and later as a founder of consultancy in the same fields.

Subsequently, Joyce spent a decade researching and studying the world’s wisdom traditions and science, as well as practicing with art, and music. She also worked as a coach and mentor and spoke publicly on work/life balance.

A particular interest in psychology led Joyce to further her education, resulting in a Master’s Degree in  Transpersonal Psychology and a Ph.D. in Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, Caliornia.

Today Joyce continues her lifelong love for learning, and selectively mentors and coaches, using hypnosis, dream analysis, developmental and social psychology, and the Silva Method.

Joyce is certified in both Spiral Dynamics integral (SDi) and the The Silva Method.